AA Wall Caddy - Home Organiser 08

AA Wall Caddy - Home Organiser 08

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Keep your items off the bench top and somewhere you know where to find them every single time! 
Magnificently made in genuine cowhide, lightly packed for strength and backed with leather. 
Our lined pockets measure 12cm x 14cm for the 3 smaller ones and 18cm x 21cm for the 2 larger pockets. The pockets are concertina, which helps bulky items. 
Finished with a Tasmanian Oak Timber dowel. 

❤️ Top pockets are great for….. 

👑 mobile phones 

👑 keys

👑 sunglasses / eyewear cases 

👑 pocket sized notebooks 

👑 envelopes

👑 pens and other stationery 

❤️ Bottom pockets are perfect for …..

👑 wallets

👑 A5 sized diaries/notepads 

👑 iPads 

👑 letters /bills 

👑 stationery 

Overall measurements are 51cm x 35cm.